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Nazarene Athletics

Grounds & Facilities

NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR TOBACCO PRODUCTS can be brought to or consumed on the playing field or surrounding church premises or any other area where Nazarene Athletic events, games or practices are being conducted.

Upon completion of your game or practice, please ensure that the areas are clean of all trash.
Following the last game or practice, coaches are required to put all equipment away and ensure that everything is secured.
Only those authorized by Nazarene Athletics have access to the storage units or facilities.

Game Cancellation Procedure

Nazarene Athletic staff will notify coaches one (1) hour prior to game time.
Coaches will contact parents/guardians forty-five (45) minutes prior to game time.
No phone or text message means games will be played.

Note: Earlier games may be cancelled but does not automatically cancel later games. The Nazarene Athletics staff will make every effort to have fields prepared and playable if inclement weather impacts field conditions.

Playing Conditions

The Athletic Director/League Director shall be responsible for cancellation of games when conditions are unplayable. The Head Official assumes this responsibility once the game is in progress.