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Nazarene Athletics Volleyball League Rules

Illinois High School Rules will be used. Referees will make calls based on NFHS Volleyball Rules. If for some reason a question arises regarding a subject not covered in these rules, the decision of the referee presiding that match will rule. If a coach feels the decision made by the referee was incorrect, they should contact the Volleyball Coordinator following that match.

The court will be 60' L X 30' W for all games. The height of the net will be 7'ft from the ground. There will be a 2'ft clearance around the court of any obstructions, including spectators. Visiting team will call the coin toss and the non-winning team from the first (1) game will serve the second (2) game. The non-winning team from the second (2) game will call the coin toss for the third (3) set. The choice for the winner of the coin toss is Serve or Side, NOT both.

The service area will be a maximum of 7'ft behind the end boundary. The service area is located behind the end line and from sideline-to-sideline. Servers may not be on or over the end line until after the ball is contacted on the serve. Only Servers striking the ball under hand will be allowed to take one (1) step onto the court in order to serve. Any one server cannot serve more than five (5) consecutive points. When this has occurred, the next server will rotate in. 

Every player attending a match must be rotated for the set in the order written on the score sheet, unless she is being held out for unsportsmanlike conduct or an injury. If a coach is holding a player out of a set, the player must sit out the set consecutively. It is the coaches’ responsibility to notify the referee and the opposing coach before the match starts. The first server of the set is the person in the right back position. Therefore, when there is a side-out, the other team will rotate and the right front position goes to serve. There is continuous rotation at all times. All late comers will be made to wait until the next set and will be put at the end of the lineup.

Teams must have a minimum of five (5) players to begin a set. A match set will be forfeited by either team that doesn't have enough players. Thereafter, the forfeiting team will have fifteen (15) minutes to get enough players, or the remaining sets will be forfeited also. No team is allowed to use players from other teams unless at the discretion of the Volleyball Coordinator. If neither team has the required number of players, the match will be replayed at a later date upon the discretion of the Volleyball Coordinator.

If in the referee’s judgment there is an unsportsmanlike conduct by either a player or coach, the individual will be given a warning which is a yellow card. If a second warning is necessary, they will be given a red card and will be asked to leave the gym for the remainder of the day. Either warning could result in a loss of a serve or point. If a player misses three consecutive matches without a legitimate excuse, they will be dropped from the league and will forfeit their money. Profanity is not tolerated! Any player, coach, referee, or spectator using profanity will be asked to leave the premises. Heckling of the server is not tolerated. THE REFEREE’S DECISION IS FINAL.

The uniform shirt must be worn by all players and the number must be visible at all times while on the court. Sweatshirts or long sleeve shirts can only be worn under the uniform shirt during the match not over. Players CANNOT play if they are not in uniform, including gym/tennis shoes (no high soles), and knee pads. Shorts must be at least fingertip length, no spandex shorts are allowed.

NO jewelry may be worn, NO EXCEPTIONS. No tape over earrings, they must be removed. There are to be no clips, beads, bobby pins, etc. in the hair. Soft head bands may be used. A player cannot play with a hard cast or splints.

All matches will be played at the Chicago Heights Church of the Nazarene located at 699 8th Street in Chicago Heights, Illinois. Teams are to warm-up for fifteen (15) minutes on their assigned courtside. The referee will give a two (2) minute timeout prior to the end of each set. The referee will use the designated scoreboard to keep accurate time of each set and the time will only stop for time-outs and injury.

The first two (2) sets will play to twenty-five (25) points or fifteen (15) minutes, whichever comes first for the first two sets, with the cap at 27 points. The third set will play to fifteen (15) points or fifteen (15) minutes, whichever comes first, with the cap at 17 points.  Team must win by two (2) points unless cap is reached. All three sets will be played, even if one team wins the first two sets. All sets will have line judges and a scorekeeper which will keep the score sheet and scoreboard.

There will be two (2) time outs per set for one (1) minute each per team. In the case of emergency or injury that a player needs to come out of the set, the team rotates once to fill the injured position. The injured player must wait until the next set to rejoin the line-up. Remember to check the score at each time-out to make sure it is correct.